At Magna Carta Consulting we believe in creating a strong culture within a business that stimulates positive, innovative thinking and promotes an attitude of striving to achieve excellence. We also believe strongly in the benefits that a defined corporate mission, shared goals and a clear moral code bring to the business. Through changing mindsets and encouraging positivity we can, together, obtain better quality and efficiency, increase revenue and ultimately gain and hold a competitive advantage.

Projects that run to a recognised format are projects run under control. At Magna Carta Consulting we believe that Project Management has a positive effect on an organisation’s results. We have faith in building team spirit; working together, having a corporate understanding of each project phase and pursuing shared goals encourage increased productivity, Project Team ethos and project delivery, on time and to budget.

Getting it ‘right first time’, eliminating non-compliance and assuring process activity to the business standard; Magna Carta Consulting believes strongly in the organised ‘Quality’ vision. A vision that will assure current and future clients that the business itself believes in Quality to its core, works to a recognised standard and achieves its goals, without the requirement for costly rework.