“I would highly recommend Magna Carta Consulting to other organisations, both within the military environment and outside. The techniques applied could be universally applied to all organisations looking to hone their operations, become more efficient, and to improve all aspects of their business. Thank you once again."   Sqn Ldr Derick Chatten MSc CEng RAF - Tornado CAMO

“Adept at managing both projects and people, his leadership and management skills could be transferred to virtually any arena,………” 

Wing Commander Chris Snaith MA RAF

" ......Wood was specifically invited because of his all-round experiences, understanding of the Continuous Improvement culture and documented knowledge of quality auditing." 

CT Steve Marriott, USA Audit Team Leader

“Such is his knowledge of Continuous Improvement, that he would be an ideal candidate for driving forward the standards of any fast jet squadron.”

Wing Commander Ian Sharrocks MA RAF

".............to understand the process and to participate fully. In particular, the focus on Project Management and Quality has allowed Stacked to get the Nelly's trading platform on to the market on time, and offering the quality product we had hoped...."   "....Magna Carta Consulting has played no small part in the success of Stacked Ltd to date and we would thoroughly recommend your Company to fellow start-ups..."  Mr Chris Newton, Director of Stacked Ltd

"……your friendly, honest and professional coaching approach helped hugely and allowed me to utilise and develop my team’s skills…..”    “...As a result my team have reported an increase in job satisfaction and personal development and staff turn over has been minimised……………”  

Mrs Shelley Brough, Senior Clinical Advisor, 'The Beeches' Unit Derby NHS Trust